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Meeting Follow Up

Date: March 20, 2024

On February 21, 2024, The Verandah HOA held an in-person meeting at Ruth Creek Elementary. We wanted to thank the close to 200 people who attended the meeting! There were many great topics discussed and questions answered. As a follow-up, we wanted to make sure all issues and questions were answered if you were not able to attend or did not get your issue resolved. The meeting minutes, 2024 Budget, and current financials have all been posted to the website. There are many ways to have your issue/topic addressed:

Additionally, if you call during office hours(9am-5pm) you will get a live representative who will stay on the line until you get to the right department or answer your question right away. After hours or anytime, a web submission is the best way as it is tracked and recorded until issue resolution (select the contact us tab): (https://www.verandahhoa.com/contact-us.aspx) Your HOA Management Team:

Dean McSherry Association Manager     dean@essexhoa.com 972-428-2030 ext. 7322
Victor Corcoran Assistant Manager victor@essexhoa.com 972-428-2023 ext. 7355
Robert Larin Admin. Assistant robert@essexhoa.com 972-428-2030 ext. 7350

We look forward to seeing you at the Easter Event! Details coming soon, check your community’s webpage.

Click here to download and read the Meeting Follow Communication

Verandah HOA

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